Finding financial management leads is never always an easy feat.

Being as hyper-connected as we are, one would think it would be, but there’s a lot of noise to cut through. On top of that – you’re contending with way more competition than twenty years ago.

According to a 2021 report from Hubspot, a leading CRM platform, 61% of businesses consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge.

So, how do you grasp a client’s gaze?

It takes a fair amount of research, persistence and a certain finesse, but these three strategies from our Carrick Partners General Manager, Fred van Niekerk, should point you in the right direction.

Data mining

With new social network platforms cropping up every year or so, the logical thing to do would be to look there, right?

“Not always,” says Van Niekerk. “Don’t forget to look backwards, into previous clients who went cold or decided to opt-out at the last minute.”

He recommends working through your old databases and archives to curate a list of potential leads to contact.

“It takes a bit of sleuthing through your inbox. But, also a bit of tact in deciding who to email or call. Use a rifled approach, not a shotgun approach. And before you make contact, remember to do your research first to check that the information you do have is up to date.”

With this in mind, it’s essential to keep your current client database organised and current. Since emails often change or become obsolete, there are plenty of free verifier tools to use when mining email data.


At 19 years old, LinkedIn is not as new as you might think. As a dedicated space for business professionals, it’s a promising space for finding financial management leads.

“The key to generating leads on LinkedIn is consistency. You have to be consistent in the posting of content, but you also have to be consistent in engaging with your community,” Van Niekerk explains.

He adds that engaging in the LinkedIn game or ‘hunt’ is two-fold:

  • Nurturing passive leads via regular content posts with relevant and valuable content
  • Actively seeking out direct leads by browsing through connections

“You can certainly have success in finding financial management leads on this platform, but your actions always need to be targeted and authentic,” he says. “A blanket approach won’t work within this business arena. They can smell a hard sell from a mile away.”

The key to lead generation on LinkedIn is finding quality (not quantity) prospects to whom you can add genuine value.

Online Communities

Facebook community groups also present us with ‘pockets’ of financial management leads, especially when we can’t always conduct business face-to-face.

“There are scores of industry-specific and location-specific groups tucked away in all corners of the platform, if you’re willing to seek them out,” says Van Niekerk. “But much like LinkedIn, you can’t go in guns blazing, shouting about how you’re the best independent financial advisor.”

Adding to this, he says: “Don’t join lots of random groups and spam them. You will get banned.”

Prospecting leads on a social media platform like Facebook takes quite a bit of tact. You need to put in the time and energy building an authoritative reputation. It’s also not a short term solution, but certainly one that can serve you well in the long run.

“Actively comment on posts that are relevant. Post content that sparks engagement. Offering genuine solutions for group members for their financial pain points will position you as the go-to within these online communities,” he adds.

Thanks to the internet and social media, there’s no shortage of ways to reach potential clients. However, bear in mind that the ease of access to information has made consumers savvier than ever before.

They know what’s out there, or at least they think they do. If I can offer one last piece of advice, it’s that while they might not need what you can offer right now, it’s important to be the first person they think of when they do,” he concludes.

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