The recent pandemic has thrown many people into the deep end, and it has become essential to future-proof your financial advisory business. 

Things are changing rapidly and planning ahead has become a case of now or never. It’s also only natural that your clients and prospects will want to know what will happen to their money should something happen to you.

That said, how do you want your business to look in the future?

Maybe you have a junior partner waiting in the wings, to take over things when you retire? Or perhaps a family member? Having a succession plan shows you care about your clients and their well-being – even when you aren’t around.

If you’re feeling uncertain, the Carrick Partners team is here to help you devise a holistic strategy that ensures the longevity of your business.


As our valued partner you’ll also have access to :

  • Our global wealth management offering and financial planning solutions, inclusive of offshore and onshore solutions
  • Lead generation with defined return on investment parameters
  • Market-leading, marketing and brand building support
  • Bespoke training and development programs
  • Enhanced compliance support focused on practice management solution
  • Access to Carrick Prime, a complete enterprise management software solution for advisors and their clients
  • Dedicated paraplanners and business administration support
  • Client servicing structures ensuring your clients always receive the best advice
  • Carrick book buy-back option to allow for an efficient exit strategy
  • Access to research and development on product, client trends and industry insights

Are you ready to future-proof your financial advisory business with Carrick Partners? Submit an application here or email us directly at: [email protected]