Constantly looking how to become a better financial adviser and improve your offering? You’re in the right place.

“Carrick Partners is committed to guiding existing advisers and financial advisory firms in growing their practice,” says Fred Van Niekerk, Carrick Partners General Manager.

“We want wealth managers across South Africa and the African continent to do better and be better. As pioneers in the local and offshore market, our goal is to equip our partners with everything they could need to ensure their clients always receive quality service and expert financial advice.” 

If that’s what you want for your business and your clients, here are two areas worth focusing on going forward:

1) Nurture professional relationships

While offering outstanding customer service is crucial, one primary area worth focusing on is going the extra mile within your network.

“Establishing professional relationships is crucial for any independent financial adviser wanting to position themselves as a well-known, reputable business within the industry,” explains Van Niekerk.“

At Carrick Partners, we offer global access, not only to financial planning solutions (inclusive of offshore and onshore) but a broad network of professional independent advisers and wealth managers. Aside from offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, the Carrick Wealth footprint has extended into countries such as Mauritius, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and the UK. 

“Having access to a community of trusted peers is a must if you want to hone your skills and become a better adviser,” he adds. “Having someone at your side to ask for guidance and support when the chips are down is more important than you could possibly imagine.”

Within the Carrick Group alone, we have six directors who have racked up years of international experience. “It’s always worth knowing industry leaders like this in your corner to verify information from the media, but also to set a high standard for the industry as a whole. Being associated with well-respected professionals can also help you in securing a reputable name for yourself.” 

Along with connecting with other experts and growing your network, Van Niekerk also highlights the importance of staying educated and up to date with market trends, changing regulations and global wealth management solutions available for your clients. 

“While there is no shortcut to success, you won’t be able to grow your business and improve your offering by continuously working in your own bubble,” he explains.  

2) Maintaining your independence

“At Carrick Partners, we’re big on building our network of financial advisers and advisory firms wanting to retain their independence and diversify with offshore products,” says Van Niekerk.

“Offering quality offshore solutions has become even more important as an advisor, especially those working their way up the career ladder,” he explains.

“It no longer is and never has been enough to simply push one-dimensional products for your own benefit. Oftentimes, your clients will be doing their own research online when it comes to their investment options and being as hyperconnected as we are, they have all of this information at their fingertips. It’s essential to stay ahead of their evolving needs and service expectations.””

To build success in your career, business, and lifestyle in the long term, it’s essential to choose quality over quantity and open yourself up to partnering with networks like Carrick Partners that offers a comprehensive support package.

“Local advisers and independent advisory firms have an opportunity to access to services like ours, which are not only big on increasing your revenue, but  encouraging professional growth, change, and evolution,” Van Niekerk explains.  

If you’re ready to set yourself up for success and learn how to become a better financial adviser, we’re here to help you make that happen,” he concludes. 

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